It wouldn’t be a true Blog if we didn’t include the bad with the good of the area.

Last night we got our first real Santa Ana Winds.  I guess we can be thankful that it is not trash day.  It seems like it is always windy on trash days, giving me something to do when it calms down – pick up all the trash that blows into the bushes.  We are actually a little late for the first winds, I was noticing some fall color on the trees.  Now there are no leaves on the trees.  Well, the sky is bright blue and the view of the mountain is clear and the fence is still standing. reports gusts up to 25mph.

If you were able to clock the speed, let us know.


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2 responses to “Windy!”

  1. Rebecca says :

    Well, I checked my weather station. Mine recorded the wind at 36.5 mph. My station is wireless so it only sends information every few minutes. So with the wind it is kind of hit and miss with recording the wind gusts.

  2. price of a stamp says :

    Snow atop the San Gabriel mountains, north of Rancho Cucamonga. So beautiful!

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