Victoria’s Farmers Market

It was a beautiful morning for veggies!  I do look forward to visiting Victoria’s Farmers Market at Victoria Gardens on Saturday mornings 10am to 2pm.  Heritage Harvest Farmer’s Market works hard to bring organic vendors to Victoria’s Farmers Market as well as the Heritage Harvest Certified Farmer’s Market on Thursday evenings 3pm to 7pm.  The Thursday market has a new location on Foothill at Aspen, near Old Navy and Homegoods.  I will try to visit the Thursday market again and let you know how it is.

Back to the Saturday morning market, they have close to 20 vendors.  Mostly food related with a few gift and craft booths.  I get my DHA eggs there every week and of course fresh organic fruits and veggies.  I have also bought 4” potted herbs from a knowledgeable vendor and they are growing nicely in my backyard.  We will see if the frost gets to the Stevia.  I have yet to try the peanuts, but the big bins are very tempting.  There are several ready to eat food vendors as well, we had Empanadas one time and they were tasty.  The market, being fairly new, vendors do change from time to time.  The prices are competitive, the quality and freshness tops.

Please come visit the market it is a great asset to our community and deserves the communities support.  I think you will enjoy the friendly vendors and knowing where your food is coming from.  There have been other markets in the past that didn’t quite make it, this one is a keeper.  This is something I have been looking forward to as soon as Victoria Gardens opened up.

For more information:

Heritage Farmer’s Market Facebook Page

Heritage Harvest Certified Farmers Market Blog




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