Historic Etiwanda Johnston House to be Saved

According to the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin, 12/18/11:  The Johnston House, 6998 Etiwanda Ave. will be relocated within a new 16 single-family home development to be built on the property. This development will also occupy the lot of the old Frost General Store that burnt down in 1966.  An archaeologist is to monitor the development to record any historical items that may be recovered.  Construction is expected to begin in the spring of 2012.

The picture and following information is from the Rancho Cucamonga Website historical resources: Local Historic Landmarks and Points of Historic Interest Booklet (updated 2011) .  Built in 1888, this was the home of the George F. and Jessica Johnston Family, one of the pioneer families of Etiwanda. He was instrumental in promoting the table grape crop in Southern California and owned a local raisin packing house and stemmer. The Johnston family played an integral role in the early development of the Etiwanda community, being very active on the local school board and in the Congregational Church.

It is great news that the house will be saved and incorporated into the development, saving these early homes will help maintain the historical elements and personality of Etiwanda.  Each community needs some sort of personal details to differentiate it from the rest of the concrete jungle.  Hopefully the developers will incorporate some of those grapevines as well.


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One response to “Historic Etiwanda Johnston House to be Saved”

  1. Steven L.Johnston says :

    Just want to thank you for saving the Johnston home, My name is Steven l. Johnston son to Dennis Johnston, son to Jack Spencer Johnston, son to John Spencer Johnston, son to George Francis Johnston.

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