Etiwanda Gold

It’s that time of year to take advantage of “Etiwanda Gold”.  My family looks forward to this every year; we start watching for the stands as Christmas approaches.  This is really the only time I buy oranges, the ones in the grocery stores just pale in comparison.  When I moved into the area I was not lucky enough to have citrus already growing in the yard, so I planted a few trees.  This year I had a bounty of 6 oranges and several limes.  Therefore, I have bought my first 5 gal. bucket of oranges for $5 and they are Delicious!  Besides being picked that day fresh – no wax coating.  I usually buy from the home on the Northeast corner on Etiwanda Ave. and Banyan St. they sell a 5 gal. bucket worth for $5 or a grocery bag full for $3.  I also buy from their neighbor to the east who uses the honor system and sells bags of oranges and sometimes lemons. (Please be Honorable!)  Many of the early settlers planted citrus and other fruit trees on their ranches, but it wasn’t until after the Chaffey brothers started their waterworks in 1881 that piped water to individual lots providing proper irrigation did the true agriculture market get started.  If you know of a local orange stand in the area please let me know.  Enjoy the local harvest!


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