Tio’s Mexican Food

What is your favorite Etiwanda restaurant?  I know Victoria Gardens has several great restaurants, but I would like to start with one of my family favorites.  Tio’s Mexican Food in the  Winery Estate Marketplace 7305 Day Creek Blvd # 105, at Baseline, across from Sprouts.  They are reasonably priced and the food is great, you will not walk away hungry.  I like to test a Mexican restaurant by their enchiladas and salsa and Tio’s are tops.  Tio’s salsa it the type with a smooth tomato base with lots of white onion and cilantro.  It is very flavorful with a medium heat, if you like it hotter you can mix in their hot salsa.  Sometimes we go there just so we can have some of their salsa.  One of my Mexican food pet peeve is runny beans and Tio’s are just right.  I also like their Chili Relleno Burrito.  They offer all the Mexican food standards go visit to see how they do with your favorite I highly doubt you will be disappointed.  It is a family friendly restaurant with fast service, order at the counter then they bring it to your table, they also have a few outside tables.  They cater and take phone and online orders.


Tio’s Mexican Food


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